The DVD + The Club

Drum making shouldn't be hard, it should be fun and easy. Our GDM Drum Building Bundle is unlike anything you've ever used before. It's drum making, made simple. It's results, beyond professional. It's our DVD & Club Membership wrapped into one super-solid package.


The original Guerrilla Drum Making DVD was a groundbreaking, clever, and fun-to-watch instructional guide. We already did all the hard work for you, now let us show you what to do! Just sit back, grab a cold beverage, and watch with confidence. This DVD will give you a solid blueprint and an amazing start to build the drums of your dreams.

Can You Use a Hand Drill?

If so, then you can build an incredible drum set.
With our DVD, you wont need any special tools or experience.
Join THOUSANDS of viewers around the world and let us show
you how to build your dream drum set on your first try.

The GDM Online Club

The GDM Online Club is a companion to the GDM DVD. It's fun, bold, and incredibly easy to use. Just hop online to access extra videos, get help, see material and supply lists, know where to get parts, get involved in discussions and more. The Club is mobile friendly & works anywhere with an internet or cell connection.

"I would be lost without GDM. John's videos, parts lists and clever jigs made it beyond easy and exciting to start building drums. And even now as an established custom snare company, I STILL go back for a refresher course, and to see what great new ideas and videos he has for his members."

-Steve Morrison,
Drum Tech for The Voice, The Queen Latifah Show & Owner of Drum Tech Services (DTS)

Watch GDM in Action

The GDM DVD has shipped out to over 4,000 drummers around the world. The GDM Online Club is home to even more. Here's a quick preview (below) to get you pumped up on what we're about and what's inside the Drum Building Bundle.

Need Supplies and Materials?

The right supplies and materials are key to your project, and we will show you exactly what materials we use in every video online and also every chapter in the GDM DVD. We'll show you exactly what we use, what we love, where to get it and who to get it from. No details are left out.

Your Drum Building Assistant

Our GDM Online Club is packed with Drum Building Video Lessons, Supply Links, Discussions, and Extra perks that you Can Access Anytime & Anywhere.

All The Extras, for Life.

Our GDM Online Club has 300 additional minutes of tutorials in companion to the DVD. And not only can you conveniently watch videos online from any device, download the videos, get links to drum building supplies, see material Lists of everything used, download project files and written directions, post questions and request video tutorials.. You get all this PLUS free future video updates for LIFE. Pretty awesome, huh?

People be Talkin'

Our members include industry veterans, total rookies, drum making hobbyists, pro musicians, studio drummers, youngsters, oldsters, hipsters, metalheads, purists, and just about everyone in between.

"John Dutra is to home drum building as Bob Vila is to home repair projects or Rachel Ray is to cooking at home. He shows you how it's done and gives you the confidence to do it yourself."

Phil Hood, DRUM! Magazine

“After watching Guerrilla Drum Making, I’m pretty sure even I could manage to follow this super clear and logical process to constructing a sweet, one-of-a-kind drum set.”

Michael Dawson,
Modern Drummer Magazine

"Thank you Guerrilla Drum Making, for further inspiring me with insight, helpful tips, and EXCELLENT vocal descriptions on how to NOT mess up or fall behind in making the perfect drum.”

Micah, Massachusetts, US

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